On today’s road from Omišalj towards Krk, near Malinska, there is a narrow path through the thick forest leading to an important archaeological site on the island of Krk called Cickini. This is where the remains of a Roman village from the 1st and 2nd century and a church from the 6th century were found. The church has a single nave and the form of a Latin cross. A vestibule (narthex) and a baptistery with the baptismal font, emphasizing its significance in the progression of Christianity to the island of Krk, were also found. It is assumed that the church was dedicated to St Cyprian. It was abandoned in the Middle Ages, although there are traces of a later short-term revival, but not in its original dimensions.

In the village of Sv Vid-Miholjice, near Malinska, there is a small museum display which encompasses all stone reliefs and other decorations found during the research at the site Cickini.