Mila Kumbatović (1915 – 2004) and Oton Gliha (1914 – 1999) marked the island and the national art with their artistic expression. The island landscape, the karst and the rocks, were an inexhaustible source of inspiration for both artists. With his paintings of karst dry-stone walls, Gliha created a surreal area, devoid of anything, and with these extraordinary works he was listed among the greatest artists of the 20th century. These stone skeletons of the recognizable island dry-walls on Gliha’s paintings obtained new dynamics, internal tectonics, setting them into motion, making them unique. Mila Kumbatović, a painter of Krk landscapes and dynamic abstract compositions, had an equally wide and above all interesting artistic expression. Get familiar with the island contemporary art and set out to Omišalj to visit the birth house and the atelier of this famous Croatian painter.