The cove of St George, to the north of Vrbnik, contains the remains of a Medieval church of St George located on a protruding headland. It has modest dimensions, a single nave and an apse protruding on the east side. Although it was abandoned and desacralized, it still resists the time and the only thing missing is the roof. This is one of the more important remains of the Romanesque sacral architecture, this being further emphasized by fresco paintings adorning its walls. Still, the figure of the saint, painted in green with a light stroke of the brush, can be discerned on the northern apse panel – that is Saint George.

Besides the painting of St George, there is a carved representation of a sailing ship on the south wall, which is considered among the oldest illustrations of old Croatian sailing vessels. This was probably a votive painting of a Medieval nava, a large three-masted transport sailing vessel, made by the hand of a seafarer.