The church of St Vitus is one of the oldest Dobrinj churches. It is assumed to have been built in 1100. The master Dragoslav is mentioned as its constructor. The brotherhood of St Vitus, later joined to the brotherhood of St Stephen and other brotherhoods, operated in it. According to the directive by the bishop Hijacint Pelegrin, the church ceased holding masses in 1790. Since then it was left to ruin, until 1940 when it was restored and returned to liturgy.

This is a single-nave Medieval, to be more precise Romanesque building with a high stone bell tower at the western entry façade. The church has a longitudinal shape and regular orientation, with an apse protruding to the east. There is one stylistically simple window with a Romanesque semicircular lintel on the lateral northern and southern wall.

During the last conservation, the church was restored and it obtained a new roof so today it is a valuable monument of Romanesque architecture on the island.